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- Body, handle, and head in one piece, the whole entirely handcrafted in Iroko wood lamellae and glued, varnished with integral arrow guide.

- Iroko wood is an exotic material much appreciated in naval construction for its rot-proof properties, natural resistance to fungi and harmful substances, non-impregnation, and a rather light density.

- Mechanism entirely made of 316L stainless steel.

- Small housings to place weights in order to adjust the seat of the crossbow.

- Ergonomic and robust stock with white Elastomel® grip. Ideal tilt angle.

- Head with 2 profiled passages for quick bungee cords.

- Mass loading stopper with rubber coating for better comfort.

- 7mm diameter Sandvik steel arrow with large lugs.

- Double circular bungee cord Blizzard dia.16mm with dyneema shell.

- Ambidextrous crossbow fitted as standard with shock absorber / nylon & sleeves.


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