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Dark Phoenix
  • Crossbow made entirely by hand from Mahogany wood (Mahogany) and Iroko wood laminated and glued.
  • Integral arrow guide 220g carbon reinforcement under the entire underside of the rifle.
  • Glued and protected with resin and epoxy specially adapted for prolonged use at sea.
  • All protected by several layers of special sea paint 3 compartments in which it is possible to add lead in order to adjust the plate of the crossbow.
  • Comes with a neutral plate.
  • Ergonomic right-handed handle, resistant, covered with a non-slip coating type "sand" - (for left-handed on request).
  • Single roller head with 2 Delrin pulleys.
  • 316L stainless steel stopper Full stainless steel trigger mechanism Sandvik 7.5mm arrow - mini shark fin - for the 100 Sandvik 8mm arrow - mini shark fin - for the 110 Firestorm bungee cords 16mm (4 strands) for the 100 Firestorm strings 16mm (4 strands) and firestorm 18mm (2 strands) for the 110 Special high resistance sea ball bearing pulley fitting.
  • 100% dyneema ropes 316L stainless steel fittings.
  • Equipped with a full 50mt exium reel for model 100 Equipped with a 100mt full exium reel for model 110.
  • Equipped ready to hunt Recommendation for the model 110, hunting from 15m and below special big fish.

Dark Phoenix

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