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Dark Matter

- Crossbow entirely handmade.

- Assembly of Mahogany wood and Iroko wood in slat set glued with carbon reinforcement at the level of the stock and the head.

- Integral arrow guide.

- Glued and protected with resin and epoxy, especially suitable for prolonged use at sea.

- Acrylic paint with varnish and custom camo.

- 2 compartments in which there is a lead ballast to adjust the angle of the crossbow. Comes with a neutral plate.

- Ergonomic and resistant handle covered with a non-slip coating available for right-handed (or left-handed depending on request).

- Single roller head with 2 Delrin pulleys.

- Stops and deflectors in 316L stainless steel.

- Sandvik 7mm boom - thin mini shark.

- 14mm & 16mm “High performance” bungee mounting (total of b6r ins and 1 circular).

- Compact 50mt Exium reel.

- Available in 80 and 95cm.

Dark Matter

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