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TSC crossbows

- Tube dia.28mm 1mm black anodized aluminum with perforated arrow guide, total length 20cm according to conditions of use in French national competition.

- Mechanism entirely in 316L stainless steel in one piece with perforated loading stop and clear line of sight.

- Ergonomic and robust stock designed with an ideal tilt angle.

- Closed head with sighting indentation. Fixing for screwed and circular bungee cords.

- Nylon 6 stock and head loaded with 30% fiberglass for better resistance.

- Sandvik stainless steel arrow 6.25mm diameter 135cm. Slight overflow of 5cm compared to a standard length. Allows to increase the quality of precision.

- Hand-ligated 14mm SuperNova bungee cords with stainless steel / Delrin inserts and articulated shell.

- Ambidextrous crossbow, light and handy, specially developed for target shooting in pools and validated by one of our greatest French champions.

TSC crossbows

SKU: 414520
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